Where Are Lucasi Cues Made? Are Lucasi Cues Exellent?

Lucasi cue has taken over the billiard industry for two decades, thanks to its unique designs and structures. But, where are Lucasi Cues made? This might be one of the crucial pieces of information you are curious about the brand dominating the American market for a long time. 

If so, stick around for the rest of this post, where you will learn fascinating facts about Lucasi products!

Where Are Lucasi Cues Made? 

Before we dive deep into detailed knowledge about those, we will find out their place of origin. Is the rumor that it is manufactured in America true?

They are made in a factory in Taicang, China. Taicang Sunrise Wood Industry Company is responsible for organizing and fashioning hundreds of thousands of products by machines or manually every single day.

However, many pool players still have a misconception that the different origins can affect the quality of products, that Lucasi is worse than Universal as it is made in China, not America, is an outstanding example.

But you will find it tough to look for a pool cue with no parts made in China. Therefore, although American sticks tend to be sky-high on the market, their parts are not 100% manufactured by America. 

Moreover, this brand imposes a rigorous quality control criterion. If they identify any defect, they will divide it into two groups. The first group will be on sale within China; the other is useless and must be thrown away. 

Designed In America 

As we mentioned above, one of the major causes of best-selling Lucasi products is their great designs. Therefore, how is their designing process? Who is their designer?

Indeed, American artists are the designers of Lucasi pool sticks. The process for their designing embarks on with a lead designer. After having sketches, they will beam it to a team who works under them to compile a specification sheet.

Finally, once this specification sheet is approved, they will send it to the Taicang Pool Cue factory for the production process.

How Is Lucasi Pool Cue Model Determined? 

There is no particular way or a special hint for you to identify the production number of Lucasi models exactly and detailedly. However, you can still determine their parameters based on your existing stick. 

You can find out the production number at the bottom of the product. The first number will belong to the month, and the last one is of the year.

Are Lucasi Pool Cues Any Good? 

Indeed, Lucasi products are valuable for numerous reasons. Firstly, they have a great design and ensure their reliable quality on the market. 

Due to the high latest technology, most of them have low-deflection shafts, and the report from the Taicang Pool Cue factory also showed that only a few people came back to return the product.  

Through some decades, Lucasi ones are still high-quality and manufactured with precision and best materials such as real leather or Irish Linen wrap. Moreover, if used in good conditions, they can be in use for a long time. 

In addition, the design with Uniloc quick release or radial joints is one plus point for this kind. If you are interested in customizing your product, this brand is ready to serve you. The custom ones can be up to 15 inches as a pro-taper, promisingly bringing consumers a great experience.

Lifetime Warranty 

We can make sure that the warranty of Lucasi Cues may make you astonished due to its lifetime guarantee. There is nothing greater about this action of producers because it partly reflects their confidence in the quality of the product. 

Moreover, this might explain why Lucasi brand has such a low return rate, and their extent of dominating the market in many places over the world is so high.

History Of Lucasi Cues 

Jim Lucasi, the person developing Lucasi sticks, started selling them under Cue & Cue Sales in Florida, America, for 20 years. He embarked on importing from China then distributed it to retail.

He set up a target of having economical products for amateurs. This also means that his line of pool sticks must have both quality and cutting-edge features of high-end ones.

As aforementioned, the manufacturer produced Lucasi pool ones in the Taicang Pool Cue plant. This factory always ensures strict control criteria for durability, quality, or longevity, which explains why Lucasi pool sticks tend to have good performance and consumers hardly have a return.

What Are Pool Cues Made In The USA? 

Several factories in different markets will convert sheet specifications into finished products to save manufacturing costs for the head company. However, besides Lucasi products, here are some recommended options you can utterly find in the USA.

Schmelke Pool Cues

This American manufacturer provides sticks at a low price, but any argument about their quality is unnecessary with high-quality material.

Viking Pool Cues

The pool sticks achieve perfection though they are still hand-crafted, not to mention they are great looking and break-resistant if you are clumsy in many situations. 

Schon Pool Cues

If you are looking for a unique stick, Schon is one of the American companies you may not ignore because it has a phenolic-lined stainless pin and is particular for a secure fit. With an economical budget, it can be one of the best options for you.


After reading our article, perhaps where are Lucasi cues made is not your problematic stuff anymore. We hope you will have a fun time looking for where to produce this kind and find this article informative for your experience!

Have an interesting journey with your Lucasi cue ahead!