What Is A Sneaky Pete Cue? – The Story Behind It

Now, what is a Sneaky Pete cue? Sneaky Pete cue is by far the most popular among snooker players. There’s a fascinating backstory behind that term, which pertains to the overall structure of the cues. 

Rather than a bespoke cue, it is meant to seem like a lower-quality, standard house cue. The notion was that individuals would misjudge their opponent’s talents and thus be vulnerable to being cheated.

These days, not many players do them for that purpose, but it is their classic design and simple elegance that has allowed them to maintain among the biggest and commonly selling cue varieties on the marketplace.

The satisfaction of understanding how to deceive your opponents, on the other hand, adds a different level of excitement to the game. Every pool player looking to remove an opponent must strive to learn various technical skills and employ specialized equipment.

For that reason, cue makers came up with a one-of-a-kind pool cue to help players constantly dominate their opponents. The Sneaky Pete cue is a master class type designed to create magic during pool games.

Why Is It Called Sneaky Pete?

Peter Crisafi, better known as Sneaky Pete, was a skilled pool professional player with significant accomplishments in the world of pool games. 

From the narrative, Pete is a hustler who likes to travel about playing billiards for cash. The Flambonis in America was his favorite neighborhood pool room. He took a home cue that he adored while visiting this pool hall.

Pete halved and reworked this cue so that he could clandestinely bring what he was able to smuggle into any billiards hall, then screwed the two halves back together. Thus, he could enjoy an advantage over all opponents since he always played with his favorite cue. 

The story also implies that Pete’s motivation for his actions was that he was lazy, couldn’t work diligently, and was bad when it comes to cards.

The Evolution of the Cues 

Sneaky Pete cues were designed after Peter Crisafi to give players an unfair advantage in the competition. Likewise to Sneaky Pete, every player can compete using his favored pool cue opposite an competitor who could only choose a random place cue from the shelf.

The Pete cue has undergone several changes in designs and usage throughout time. The pool of legends evolved from a simple two-piece cue into its own type of cues.

Previously, it was simply a cue that had been changed and to be cut in half to be put back. Nevertheless, it has evolved into a moderate cue, meant to seem classic while yet being contemporary in terms of gameplay.

Benefits Of Sneaky Pete Pool Cues

Players no longer get an edge over in the game using a Sneaky Pete could. The purpose was to deceive other players that you are a beginner. They would think that you are only utilizing “banker signals” when the actual performance is going on the tabletop.

Pool players are accustomed to this tactic, so this cues begin to lose its initial purpose to a great extent. Aside from its basic and unassuming appearance, here’s how you can still use this cue to your advantage on the modern pool table:.

  • Making a shocking attack: With the inner system’s architecture and the positioning of an incredible tip, this cue can surprise your opponent. Use it to launch an unexpected attack instead of a basic shot to step up your game.
  • A one-of-a-kind cue: Every design is unique and handcrafted, which is why it’s relatively pricey. Despite its run-off-the-mill exterior, the cue comes with top-notch production technique.
  • Easy maintenance: The basic external appearance means that maintaining these cues is not a daunting task. Simply clean, maintain and install them as you would with other cues.

How Much Does A Sneaky Pete Pool Stick Cost?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this special cues and what they’re all about, let’s look at some of the greatest cues in today’s market. 

RAGE Heavy Hitter

To begin our collection, we have Rage’s beautiful Sneaky Pete cue. This brand has a classic appearance and may pass for an old and battered home cue in virtually any setting.

If you’re seeking some cues with a little extra weight, it is a significant advantage for you. This cue is bigger than the majority of competitors, earning it the moniker “Heavy Hitter”. This cue will make it incredibly easy to get a powerful break.

Not only do you receive a cue with a classic vibe, but the build quality of craftsmanship of this stick is excellent.

While it is composed of two distinct pieces that must be fastened together, this is practically imperceptible once joined into a single component, offering the cue an extremely smooth and attractive look.

With this cue, durability should not be a concern. Hold the cue in your hand and you will believe that it can endure the legacy and play faithfully for several years to follow. It also doesn’t cost you a fortune with a price tag of less than one-hundred dollars, making it incredibly inexpensive and accessible.

Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye

Lucasi presents a wonderfully handmade pool cue designed to display the original Sneaky Pete type of house stick look with some modifications to offer some distinctive flare.

This Lucasi pool cue has a stunning appearance. While it might appear to be a mediocre one from a distance, a closer inspection shows that the workmanship and eye for detail are nearly unrivaled.

This cue has more to surprise you than just its look. The ball control it offers is on par with that of a cue with a gentle tip. It also has a quality leather tip with layers that hold its form and firm tip, so you won’t not have to be concerned more about tips wearing off after lots of usage.

Eventually, you obtain a right cue that is of top standard and comes with a lifetime warranty to safeguard it from damages as in warpage.

When it is more expensive than other cues, you could be confident that purchasing this Lucasi pool cue means that you will not need to buy another one in the near future.

Viper Sneaky Pete

Viper created this cue, and this is one of the earliest items that catches your attention is the beautiful zebra wood finish.

A new cue has begun to develop its own personality and have deviated from the conventional appearance of original Sneaky Pete cues.

With that cue, you receive a distinct and subtle cue with only enough spice to be visually appealing. This cue is also easy to transport, making it an excellent option to bring with you wherever you go. Thanks to its simple construction, transporting this cue to or from tournaments and pool rooms is a breeze.

Because of the lightweight construction as well as the elements of this cue, you will not become tired or fatigued imply that regardless of how extensive your game lasts.

You may also alter the cue’s weight, which ranges from 18 to 21 ounces, allowing for further customization.

Where Can I Find A Sneaky Pete Or Hustler Cue? 

Finding Sneaky Pete or Hustler cue is no longer a problem. You may also freely select product lines with designs, functionalities, and pricing that meet your demands and financial capacities. 

Cues are widely available at specialist stores, and consumers can come to view them with their own eyes while listening to the staff’s advice.

However, in the 4.0 era, technology reigns supreme. You can sit at home and go over various choices with extensive information on items and genuine photos. Furthermore, authentic reviews from previous buyers can assist you in making the right decision.


So, what is a Sneaky Pete cue? This question no longer concerns you. I hope this article has given some understanding in this field. In addition, you now understand about the myth of the pool match who inspired the creation of the Sneaky Pete billiard sticks. 

These cues are an interesting choice for beginners and professional players alike. You might be amazed at how much of a distinction such a basic, classical cue might bring in a pool game.

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