What Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue?

Whether you are an excellent billiards player or just a new player on your billiards journey, it is a fact that you need to learn to control a low deflection pool cue.

Follow us to find more information in the article below to help you understand its properties or make a purchase.

What Is Deflection In Pool?

Deflection is like squirt.

When shooting shots, the player needs to be prepared for this deflection. The player can aim either thicker, or thinner to such an extent that the cue ball arrives at the object ball in the correct position.

What Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue?

Most explanations can make you confused or ambiguous. But in practice, this concept is so simple.

As its name suggests, it produces a smaller amount of deflection than regular one. 

Low deflection cues are designed to improve greater accuracy by minimizing the squirt, the angle changes in ball direction. Generally, a straight shot tends to show little squirt while one with lots of squirt gets more deviation from the target.

Straight shots get less squirt

With standard cues, players need to compensate for squirt on the ball, which can in turn limit their shots. That’s where this cues come in handy and allow players more freedom in their shots.

However, it’s quite difficult to switch between those two styles, and players need to practice frequently to fully control their cue.

What Makes A Cue Low Deflection?

Since a minimum weight is required in the tip of a cue for the effect to work, the weight must be important. These shafts are made from a wide variety of materials but wood is always the most common material thanks to its lightweight and great feel. So that the cue isn’t pushed off to either the left or the right.

To keep them flexible and light, the manufacturer is going to drill a hole into the stick’s center. From the cue’s tip, this goes around 6 inches. That also increases the durability.

On the other hand, rubber is commonly used as this material can keep the flexibility of the new shaft. However, other lighter materials are used for the rest of the shaft.

Rubber pool cue

Pros And Cons 

Let’s see whether a low deflection shaft is right for you or not.


  • Increased accuracy: the less deflection, the more accuracy the player can have. It means that you have to make up less for the deflection. Undoubtedly, more accuracy means higher chances of a winning game.
  • Increased shot variations: you’re likely to hit more varied shots without thinking about the deflection of the ball. When taking the shot, it’s easy to dictate where the ball will go, which surely will give you more confidence.
  • Higher quality: those shafts are very well made and also very durable. They are of a higher quality than other types of cues.
  • Consistent performance: the shaft will likely give the pool players consistency. Your shots will be straighter and more consistent.


  • More expensive: Because more engineering goes into this shaft. Compared to other types of shaft, it is generally going to cost more. But instead, you can take all the advantages that it provides.
  • Harder jump shots: To increase durability, at the tip of the cues tend to be hollowed out. Thus, they have less mass to make any jump shots.
  • How they play: It takes some time for some players to get used to it. Because they give a very different feeling with various degrees of balance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Should I get a low deflection shaft?

The cue can be a little difficult to work with at first for some players. Therefore, if you are a newcomer to this game, this is not necessarily a brilliant idea.

Low deflection shafts

This one is more suitable for intermediate or advanced players. Once after using it for a while,  most players will quickly get used to it. After that, any player will love the improved accuracy and control that it provides.

2. Why Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue More Expensive?

It’s a pity that this pool cue is pricier than other standard products due to its special construction. However, higher price comes with better ferrules, tips, and an eye-catching design. 

Thus, research carefully on your intended product to purchase wisely and have a long-lasting companion.


Through this article, I hope you don’t have any doubts about what is a low deflection pool cue and the benefits it provides.

You can weigh up the pros and cons of the cue before thinking about getting it. Despite being expensive, it’s a good product to get one when you’re serious about playing pool.

It gives you balance and feel. You’ll probably never go back to a traditional cue after using this shaft for a while.

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