Spencer Marston Pool Table Reviews

In this article, we will give you overall Spencer Marston pool table reviews. You must have heard about the company if you are a billiard enthusiast. It has a long-lived reputation for making the finest pool tables.

First, we will discuss some fundamental features of Spencer Marston’s pool tables. Then we will evaluate the products and give you some recommendations regarding certain items. Finally, the pros and cons of the tables will be listed for your future references.

We hope that after reading this write-up, you will have a better idea about Spencer Marston’s products, and a table will catch your eyes.


In this section, we will let you know our assessment of the basic construction of Spencer Marston’s pool tables. The quality and the distinctive characteristics of each feature will also be discussed.


Whole-heartedly believing in the value of materials and craftsmanship, Spencer Marston only uses top-of-the-line wood for its tables. The company’s pool tables are made from 100% solid hardwood.

Unlike mixed wood or plywood, or MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), solid hardwood guarantees longevity and stability. Despite having a higher price than the above materials, solid hardwood surely is the most economical choice in the long run.


“Ask if it matches!” is a common piece of advice about buying a three-piece slate. But you don’t have to worry about that with Spencer Marston. All tables from the company meet Billiard Congress of America’s (BCA) requirement of a standard slate.

Those three-piece 1″ thick slates provide tournament-leveled smooth and accurate play surfaces. Each of the pieces can even be individually leveled to the point that would make Rick Sanchez envy.

Table Legs

Contributing a huge part to the stability and the evenness of the table, the legs are very important. A quality table requires a thick and heavy slate. In its turn, a thick slate needs stout and sturdy legs.

The solid wood legs of a Spencer Marston’s table ensure it will stand the ground securely. Each one is connected to the frame by threaded aluminum inserts. Depending on the model, they can either have minimalist sleekness or follow the old-school opulent style.

Threaded aluminum inserts for table legs
Threaded aluminum inserts for table legs


The frame is what holds everything in place. Pool players always favor a dual-beam frame with beams run across and along with the table. This configuration provides extra steadiness and balance.

Spencer Marston’s tables give you just that. Their Max-Support dual-beam construction has both cross beams and beams running the length of the table.

Max-Support dual-beam
Max-Support dual-beam


The rail construction of a Spencer Marston’s table is naturally on par with other wooden components. It is made from hardwood to lessen the vibration that occurs on ball contact.

The sub-rail is tightly fastened to the slate with aluminum inserts. 

Those inserts allow maximum torque on the connecting bolts. The hardwood rail cap and the sights are both beauty marks and parts of the condition for accurate performances.

The cushions are built to BCA’s specifications as well. They are 100% pure gum rubber and have a consistent nose height of 1.41″ to 1.45″.

Hardwood rail with pure rubber gum cushion
Hardwood rail with pure rubber gum cushion


Two factors of a quality table pool cloth are high-percentage wool content and secure application. Spencer Marston easily clears both of those criteria. The cloth is 90%-wool-and-upward and set on the slate with glue and screws.

Overall Review

As you can see, Spencer Marston makes their tables with veteran pool players in mind. If you are looking for a high-grade table that can be proudly flaunted in your home, buying one from this company will be a worthwhile investment.

Quality materials and a reliable design allow a Spencer Marston’s table to be both competitive sports equipment and a long-lasted piece of furniture. We like the dual-beam frame and the 1″ slate. They show us the love for the art from a truly dedicated manufacturer.

The BCA-level cushions are lovely too. The cured rubber gum makes sure your cushion shots always line up with your calculation.

The hardwood rail cap plays a part in your performance too. It has eye-pleasing sights and a smooth surface to minimize friction with your cue. The hardwood also allows being refinished to cover up scars that mount up over the years.

As a testament to their commitment, Spencer Marston offers a lifetime warranty for their products. The warranty covers any defective materials and craftsmanship. 

For two years after the date of purchase, the company will pay for all costs, including repair, replacement, labor, and shipping. After that, you will be responsible for the two latter costs.

The company has a formidable collection of pool tables for you to choose from. You can pick a timeless classic one like the Savona or the Milano. If you fancy a more contemporary style, there are Stratford and Coventry. They also have the trending dining table ones like Newport or Monaco.


There are just two things to consider before buying. The first thing is, because of the solid hardwood, the tables are quite heavy, even the dining pool tables. Moving a table on your own while cleaning or renovating your home can be a problem. 

The other thing is Spencer Marston’s products are rather expensive. But it is understandable regarding their material and workmanship.

Pros and Cons

The last part of Spencer Marston pool table reviews is a pros and cons list of the tables. In general, they are pricey upper-class products that are suitable for long-term usage.

  • High-quality materials
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Tournament-level slate
  • Dual-beam frame
  • A variety of beautiful designs
  • Heavy
  • Rather pricey


In short, Spencer Marston’s pool tables are suitable for advanced players with a comfortable budget. They will satisfy your needs for premium equipment, but they come with their costs, which are the actual expensive price and the high weight. We hope that you find our Spencer Marston pool table reviews to be helpful.

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