Slate vs Slatron Pool Table: What Are The Differences?

Slate vs slatron pool table: Which is the best one for you? As a billiard fan, you must have heard about these two popular materials..

You may have noticed that slate pool tables tend to be more costly than slatron one; nevertheless, pricing is just one factor among many variables to consider between both tables.

We’ll take a deeper look at these two sorts of tables, how both differ markedly, as well as how each serves a different playing style.

What Is The Slate Pool Table?

Before the introduction of slate in pool boards, wood was indeed the primary material used for the billiard table’s surface. It wasn’t until 1826 that a guy called John Thurston came up with the notion of using flat stone to make a smoother playing surface. 

It will not bend like wood and will provide a flat surface. Wooden tables are still manufactured nowadays; however, slate is the more common and favored material.

The slate pool board features a marble surface that is covered by the fabric. To provide an even and wrinkle-free play area, the cloth usually adhered to the surface of the stone. The thickness of the slate can range from 19mm to 30mm.

Slate Table

What Is The Slatron Pool Table?

Slatron is an artificial material composed of wood fibers bonded with plastic. Plastic’s use has grown at an astonishing speed in many fields, and it was utilized in numerous consumer items. It is obvious to see when it serves as a replacement to slate in pool tables.

Slatron, also known as Permaslate, is just a thin coating of tiny plastic applied to a piece of board. It is many times thicker and smoother than fiberboard. However, no matter how far we get in plastic manufacturing, it will never be the same as stone.

Slatron Table

General Comparison: Slate vs Slatron Pool Table

Design And Aesthetics

Pool board designs are now very diverse, but they will mostly be created in three basic types: classic, contemporary, and modern.

Slate tables are frequently designed in contemporary and modern styles. With contemporary kind, the device is covered by glossy dark coats in these sets, and the traditional green and red felt panels are altered with blue patterns.

A conventional design with distinct modifications is offered by contemporary style. In contrast to a traditional one, contemporary pool tables have felt and black finishes in an intriguing hue. 

This table is ideal for people who like classic design with a modern aesthetic. These tables operate by displaying the most recent update to an earlier design.

The modern design fully turns the pool tables’ appearance into something innovative and interesting. Modern tables come in a variety of styles, including legs and pockets, bright colors, and much more, relying on your preferences. 

If you want a snooker table that is entirely different from any traditional design, or even if you want it to be as close to your invention as possible, purchase this design for a one-of-a-kind pool table modification. 

The modern style is ideal for individuals who enjoy decorating and being creative.

The table’s legs have been replaced with pedals, and bags come in many designs and more color options.

You may upgrade these panels by installing neon lights, lasers, or LED display tops; the possibilities are limitless! When compared to earlier designs, these tables dominate. These accessories may be used to enhance the angle of shots. 

Contemporary Type
Modern Type

Meanwhile, the slatron type is known for maintaining a classic design style. These are the fundamental formulas that have been used for over decades. 

The classic design is the general perception of a pool table. A vintage-style billiard board is mainly formed of red or green felt, wooden frames, and antique patterns. Choose a traditional style for your pool table if you desire a timeless and familiar alternative.

Classic tables are indeed the type you might have practiced when you were a child visiting your relatives. These traditional tables have elaborate antique-style feet.


The durability of a slate type far exceeds that of a slatron one. Even though slatron tables are protected by a plastic covering, they still can bend. Slatron is composed of plastic and wood, none of which is as warp-resistant as slate.

Pouring a liquid on the slatron tabletop might cause it to distort. Therefore it’s best to keep it in an area where moisture could soak through, such as a basement or an incomplete garage.

Meanwhile, the slate table’s frame is made of wood, which does not deform over periods when exposed to humidity. 

Furthermore, the playing surface is made of stone and would not flex. It takes many years of exposure to moisture for a slate table to distort to the point where it interferes with the tabletop. 

The topic of endurance, on the other hand, has different levels of relevance depending on who you ask. 

When it comes to playing, some people choose durability above “feel,” whereas others prefer “feel” over longevity. However, slate tables always have higher quality.


Most billiards pro players will perceive a distinct difference between performing on a slate board and a slatron one. Slate tables run quicker and smoother. 

Thus, the balls roll over more easily, whereas MDF tables have some “resistance,” so cues and object balls don’t go that far with a similar level of shooting force.

If you used to practice on a slate surface and then switched to a slatron one, you will find it game-changing. While this may be compensated for, it might be annoying initially until you get accustomed to it.


Slatron tables have a significant benefit in terms of flexibility because they are lighter than slate tables, making them very easy to move and install. 

Though this may not seem like a huge problem, many individuals decide not to buy a billiard table since it would be challenging to transfer. 

We’re not saying a slatron table isn’t weighty or awkward, but moving a 200-pound board is considerably simpler than moving an 800-pound (or more) one.

In addition, the slatron type has foldable legs that may be packed when not in use. This is ideal for those who wish to have their pool table but do not have enough space.

Moving and installing a slate panel is a job that should be in charge of specialists. Attempting to handle this on your own may result in the ruin of your furniture or, worse, injury to yourself. 

We strongly advise you to get a skilled technician to carry and install any slate panel you purchase. The danger of doing this yourself is not worth the risks of saving a few dollars.


High quality comes at a hefty cost. So, if you want a table that will endure, you’ll have to pay more money to obtain it, which means purchasing a slate kind.

This is not to imply that a high-quality slatron table cannot be expected to survive a lifespan. That is feasible as long as they are stored in the proper environment and are not spilled. 

However, if you enjoy a lot of entertainment or have small kids, there is too much space for things to go wrong.

Another possibility, if a new table is beyond your means, try purchasing a secondhand one. Many times, you may acquire a used table at bargain costs because someone is leaving but doesn’t want to bring it with them. 

Or they just got bored with it and stopped utilizing it. Regardless of why they’re selling it, you can get a secondhand item for a song without compromising its quality.

Slate vs Slatron Pool Table: Which One Is Better?

If expense and space are not problems and you’re serious about improving your expertise, you might want to try a slate board. This board is commonly harder to play. 

When you’re used to playing on a large tabletop like this, smaller ones will become a piece of cake.

It is especially appropriate if you are a dedicated snooker player who intends to perform in competitions. According to the aforementioned evaluation, its durability will be higher as well.

If financial benefits and portability are your priorities, consider purchasing a slatron table. This is excellent for children to use. It’s also a good alternative if you need a pool board and you don’t want to spend much money.

If you don’t want to become an expert,  this one is appropriate for family recreation. It would endure up to 15 years if properly cared for.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article is helpful for you to decide between slate vs slatron pool table. What you want to use the board for, how long you want it to last, and your finances all play a role in determining which kind is appropriate for you. 

The objective is to purchase the furniture that you will frequently use as well as keep you and your family entertained for upcoming years!

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