Is A 6 Foot Pool Table Worth It? – Here’s The Answer For You

Is a 6-foot pool table worth it? It depends on what your demand is and the space available for playing in your house.

Do you love playing pool with friends but don’t want to go out just for a quick and fun match every time? You are thinking about investing in your pool table at home, but your accommodation is quite modest to fit a regular 8-foot or 9-foot one? 

If the answer is yes, keep reading for more useful information that will hopefully help you make a wise decision.

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How Tall Are 6-Foot Pool Tables?

According to the World Pool-Billiards Association, the standard height range of all pool tables are around 29 ¼-inches and 31-inches.

Since the 6-foot type are designed for adults (not for children like the one from 5 feet or less), they are just smaller in area, not shorter than the typical full-size ones. 

Is It Too Small?

It greatly depends on your needs and situation. While 6-foot form are often considered too tiny for more serious players, they are ideal for newcomers and those who lack the space for a larger table. 

In some respects, the smaller playing area makes the game easier, but it also introduces new challenges that can keep players on their toes.

6ft Pool Table Pros and Cons

Playing Experience

If you are a newbie or amateur in billiards and just want to have some relaxing games, a 6-foot table is a good deal. Even if you’re used to playing on bar boxes, going down a size may be startling at first, but it won’t take long to acclimate. 

Besides, it will also help you improve the fundamental skills preparing to head on over to a full-size table.

However, on a smaller table, you’ll have a hard time learning how to position yourself. 

Since the playing field is limited, everything is so close together on the table that you don’t get a chance to practice other skills, such as snaking your opponent or getting into a precise position to pot ball after ball in a single trip to the table. 

So, a 6-foot size is not an ideal practice place if you want to play in tournaments or professionally.

Ball’s Sizes

Some believe that smaller tables tend to have smaller balls and pockets with lower diameters, between 2 inches or 1 7/8 inches. Smaller balls are usually lighter, weighing roughly 5.5 oz. 

The fascinating thing is that you may learn to give more precise shots towards any pocket, which can help you well on larger-sized tables.

On the other hand, if you move from a 6-foot table to a larger one, it may take you some time to get used to the balls before showing your best because the balls are bigger and heavier there.

Standard size balls

Fortunately, it is not a big concern since the “smaller balls theory” is not true in all circumstances. Some 6-foot tables come with the standard ball set for full-size of 6-oz weight and 2.25-inch diameter. 

It will, finally, be determined by the design and model you choose. So, pay attention to the selection and everything should be fine.


Speaking of design, most of the 6-foot tables are portable due to the customers’ demand in this segment. The portability is a huge benefit because of solving the problem of narrow space and bringing maximum convenience to the customers.

Unfortunately, the above advantage led to a drawback that a playing field may not be perfectly flat. When compared to playing on  slate surfaces, the balls would react differently, even unpleasantly.


The reference price for a decent-quality 6-foot table is around $300-$500.

It can be considered no cons in this criteria. Although the price varies depending on many factors (materials, technology, etc.), it is undoubtedly the most affordable adult pool table on the market.

Keep in mind that each feature above can affect people differently. There is no perfection, only a perfect match for your own needs because everything has a trade-off.


Is A 6-Foot Pool Table Fine For Children?

6-foot tables are perfect for children aged 8 to 18 who want to learn the game as they go since an 8-foot one is too expensive, and less than a 6-foot one won’t teach them effectively. 

Because the learning curve isn’t as steep as on a full-size table, beginners can quickly develop their skills and gain confidence. When they’re ready, they can move to a larger table without feeling frustrated.

Are The Balls Smaller And Lighter On A 6-Foot Pool Table?

As we stated earlier, it greatly depends on the design and manufacturing of each company. Therefore, before spending, you should check the product information carefully; both the ball index and other specifications are important and slightly different among brands.

There is no need to stress over this since e-commerce platforms or manufacturers’ websites often have all the information you require on the product packaging.

How Much Room Do You Need For A 6ft Pool Table?

You’ll need a space that measures 16 feet by 13 feet to fit a standard cue 6-foot pool table of 58″. This area is the bare minimum need to feel at ease playing the game. The greater the amount of space accessible, the better.

If the space you have is, sadly, even smaller, then you can check out other shorter cues of the table, from 57″ down to 52″ or 48″.

Do They Make 6 Foot Slate Pool Table?

6-foot slate bed tables are available on the market, although they are quite rare and typically cost between $3,000 and $5,000, a pretty high price. So, if you have enough space, a larger table may be a wiser investment.


6-foot tables are worth buying for families since they are large enough for adults to have fun and challenge while small enough for younger players to learn the game. They’re also ideal for casual players who want to train and have fun at home but don’t have much space.

Players who want to go pro should buy a larger table to practice for tournaments. 6-foot tables, on the other hand, present new obstacles, and many professionals play on a variety of sizes to build a more diverse skill set. 

So, even if you are an expert but still want to own a 6-foot table at home to enjoy relaxing games with friends and you have spare money, it is a worthy investment.

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