How To Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart?

How to move a pool table without taking it apart? Moving a slate one has always been a challenging task. That is why there are professionals who are specialized in this chore. 

However, asking for a pro hand can cost you a sweet amount of money. So, if the distance is short, choosing to take the matter into your own hands is a smart thing to do. Below we present to you the easiest ways to transport entirely.

Some Precautions You Should Keep In Mind

Precautions Before Moving A Billiard Table 

Can You Lift And Move A Pool Table?

The question is not about whether you could but about whether you should. These are fragile. And their weighty selves can only increase the risk of you damaging it. 

Provided that it should be aligned for an accurate game, treating them in an uncalculated way can result in dire consequences.  

So bear in mind, a great deal of power and calculation is required. Jumping in without careful considerations, you are setting yourself for failure. 

It is known to be both hefty and fragile. And you know what else is fragile? Your back! So take care of them both and don’t do this task. 

Can I Slide A Pool Table?

For god sake, please don’t. Upstand your pool table and slide; it will destroy the frame as they are not designed to conquer such pressure. If your door is too narrow for the table’s width, try another way, maybe disassemble the table first. The risks are not worth it. 

How Many People Can Lift A Slate Pool Table?

When it comes to such a heavy object, you want to harness as much power as possible. If all of the people involved are strong and flexible, four will be a reasonable number. 

It also depends on the size of your table. So you might want to ask for extra pairs of hands to help you with this. 

Can You Move A 3-Piece Slate Table Without Taking It Apart?

It doesn’t matter that it is a one-piece or a three-piece. The determining factors are the distance and the passageway (how easy it is to push the table around). 

However, given its nature, a three-piece is more likely to be skew when being moved, and a one-piece can be prone to tilt if there’s something wrong with the frame. 

So you’ll want to treat them in an equal manner. 

How To Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart?

Four Possible Ways

1. By Dollies 

Dollies are a great choice for this task as they are easy to find and easy to operate. We highly suggest you work with at least three or more people.

It would be best if you chose a dolly with no holes to keep the legs nice and secure and lock them before loading them up. 

2. By Lifts 

Pool table lifts are probably the best tool to move. Slide the lift under to the center of your table and raise it until all four legs are in the air. 

These are less available and at a higher price. You’ll need to place it to the exact center, or else you’ll be dragging the table with one leg still touching the floor. Additionally, this tool is recommended for tables with frame support in the center area. 

3. By Furniture Sliders 

If you ask: how to move a pool table across the room, this method is the way to go because it only works if the distance is very small. Place these small pieces of hard plastic under all four legs and push the table to the desired location. 

You can only move it around the room as it is quite inflexible. 

4. By Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps were widely used back in the day, but it’s never out of date. When using the straps, only two people will handle, and put aside the fact that the table must be upstood; carrying such a heavy object is extremely dangerous and tiring. 


Below are some types of equipment needed

  1. Measuring tape: to measure the doorway and your table
  2. Dollies or lifts: to move the table
  3. Leveling tools: 
    • Carpenter’s level
    • A piece of glass and a marble


This task is what you have to be dedicated to. Carefully measure the length and width of the table and your door. The number must at least comply with each other. 

You Should Carefully Measure Sizes 

If you find your table cannot move past your door, the best thing is to call for professional help. And that means you will need to disassemble the pool. 

Loading The Dollies 

The principle is to lift the legs up and place them on the dollies. This may require a great deal of strength and help. 

We suggest you lift two legs on the same side at once. Start with the longer side first so that it can reduce pressure on the rest. 

Remember to lock the dollies before loading them so that they don’t slide away mid-process. 


After successfully putting it on the dollies, you can move it to wherever you want. One person should push, and the other should pull. Both of you need to be mindful about where the table is headed.

Obviously, you need to unlock the dollies first. Watch out for door sides, columns, and stairs, or else you’ll slip.  

Unload The Dollies

When you head to the new room or place, it’s time to unload the dollies and place the pool down. Once again, you should unload two at once on the longer side to minimize the impact on the table. 

Remember to lock the wheel before doing so. Then, we can move on to the inspecting stage. 

Inspect and Level 

After moving, you’ll have to check the level of your pool table. Transferring may cause some damages or some inclinations to the slate, and this imbalance will affect your future games. Check around the frame to see if there’s any loosen screw or bolt and tighten it. 

Then, you need to make sure the floor that your table is standing on is even. Holes, inflated wood, and cramped carpet can result in your table leaning. 

It needs to be level

Different tools can be used for gauging the balance. You can use a carpenter’s leveling tool if that’s what you have. Or there’re many DIY ways to measure it. 

Leveling applications are available on the play store of phones. Download and launch it in the same way you use the level. 

Moreover, you can use the cue balls or a piece of glass and a marble to perform the same task. 

Place the glass piece in the center and put it on the marble. If the marble stays still, your table is even.

Make sure that you check the center and all four sides for a leveled table. 

If it is tilted due to the injury of the table itself, we recommend getting a professional to fix it. If it is due to the uneven floor, adjust the flooring or have some tools like wooden shims, metal plates, or adjustable legs to help you with it. 

The Bottom Line

Above is how to move a pool table without taking it apart. Please, feel free to contact a professional if you’re not confident. But putting it all together, you’re going to do a good job moving yours.

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