How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls – Check Out These Factors

Those familiar with the pool game are aware of the struggle of distinguishing between phony and authentic balls. Because the game seems to be so widespread, there are a variety of pool balls available, as well as imitations. However, not everyone knows how to identify Aramith pool balls or how to choose a pool cue probably.

Thus, this post will show you what you need to know about Aramith pool balls and how you can recognize them. Furthermore, we will clarify why they’re so common and worth the money and attention. Let’s get started! 

Aramith Pool Ball Manufacturing

About Aramith

Aramith pool balls are manufactured by Saluc – an internationally recognized firm based in Belgium. The company is not just the best in the pool but also at carom and snooker. Furthermore, Saluc is an official sponsor of the American Pool players Association. 

These high-quality product have been around for a long time and enjoy an excellent reputation. They are made from pure phenolic resin to guarantee optimal rebound and ultimate control.

If you’ve watched a billiard television program, there is a high chance of the players using Aramith balls. Major billiard organizations worldwide also endorse those balls.

Aramith Billiard Balls

Why Are Aramith Pool Balls Better?

Aside from having a strong brand name and the endorsement of pool associations, there are reasons why these are a consistent choice of casual players and tournaments.

Outstanding Performance 

Proper balance and thickness in a ball are essential in the precise pool game. Aramith balls, with their unique phenolic resin properties, provide consistent density and balance throughout each ball. 

This indicates that the ball’s gravity is always in its center, allowing it to function effectively and provide you with the greatest possible advantage.

Unique Engineering 

Aside from their precise molecules, these pool balls come with various attributes like brightness, color accuracy, diameter, surface brightness, tolerance, and roundness. 

Those are not only constantly examined by the computer before and after formation, but they are also hand-checked before being packed. Several of the balls are unique. They are more like works of art with a fantastic look on the billiards table.

How To Identify Authentic Aramith Pool Balls

It seems to be quite difficult to identify. They come in a variety of styles, and knockoffs or copycats are also an issue. Purchasing a fresh new ball set from a reliable store is simple, but purchasing used sets necessitates careful evaluation to avoid being defrauded by counterfeiters. 

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls Box

Some Identification Factors

The Aramith pool balls are a frequent topic of conversation among pool players all around the world. They are of high grade and hence popular among professional players. However, purchasing online can frequently result in fraud that may lead to regression.

​​Assume you paid an extremely decent price for an set from a website. Or you believe you got a fantastic deal but are dubious about their identification.

Fortunately, there are some discernible differences between counterfeit and real one. Here are five factors to consider before you make the final decision to buy those balls:

Aramith Balls Are Expensive

These are unquestionably more expensive than the majority of other brands in the market. And if you only play the game once in a while or are uninterested in improving your skills,  a cheaper pool ball set is preferable. 

Nonetheless, suppose you play frequently and are looking for better ways to improve your abilities. In that situation, Aramith is a smart investment. According to extensive research, Amarith balls retain their characteristics five times better than their polyester counterparts. 

These balls only set you up for an amazing pool game experience, but they’re also a great long-term investment. 

The Box & Product Line

  • The Box

Several sources state that “Aramith balls alway come in a box frequently marked with its brand name”, and rely on this indication to verify what’s inside. It’s about as helpful as claiming that diamond rings arrive in beautiful plush packages, which offers no clue of the item contained therein. 

With that said, when someone is attempting to sell a set for you in an unmarked package, you must make sure whether or not it is an authentic box.

  • The Product Line

Finding the exact product line has become one of the most reliable methods to recognize. When you’re purchasing a used set, the seller should know this information. It’s challenging to check the authenticity if what you’re purchasing is a set of loose pool balls. 

However, if you know the ball line, you can easily go to the official webpage and look at the photos of the various product lines. Here are some product lines:

  • Aramith Black
  • Aramith Premium
  • Aramith Premier
  • Super Aramith Pro
  • Aramith Crown Standard
  • Aramith Tournament
Aramith Premier Set

The Five, Six, And Nine Balls

The nine, six, and five balls are said to be useful visual indicators. 

The number 5 bottom swoop on the five pool ball nearly reaches its straight line, creating an interesting number 6. Many Aramith balls are produced in this manner, but it’s worth noting that there are a few exceptions.  

The similarity might be stated for the curly or straight line underneath the digits 9 and 6. Again, not every ball is created equal. Several of these numbers have straight lines beneath them, whereas others get curly lines. That’s why it’s critical to determine which product line the set belongs to and use the web to validate.

Numbers In Stripes

Online is rife with misconceptions regarding the location of the numerals on the balls. According to certain sources, if you encounter a pair of balls with the number positioned outside the stripes, they are the Aramith Crown Standard or the Aramith Premier. 

Although it is accurate that the Crown Standard line has the numerals in the white rather than the stripes, Aramith wasn’t the only company that does so. 

Some vintage premier sets feature this arrangement, but the manufacturer no longer designs them in this manner. 

Because there are various variants and producers, solely depending on a factor, such as the placement of the number, only leads to more confusion while telling cheaper balls and Aramith one apart.

Beware Of Imitations!

Because these balls were so excellent, there is a sizable market for them. Ones are always seeking bargains, and unscrupulous sellers always seem to be ready to take advantage. It’s simple to use an Aramith box, stuff a cheap set of pool balls inside, and sell it on the internet for a high price. 

It is not to imply that the vast majority of online vendors do this. However, the adage “buyer beware” has a unique resonance whenever you’re purchasing second-hand set on the internet. Therefore, knowing how to identify Aramith pool balls saves you from falling prey to counterfeiters.

Final Thoughts 

In every game, high-quality equipment is essential. As a result, it is critical to understand whether or not you’re paying for real products. 

Aramith balls are highly sought after by billiard players because of their performance durability. It would be best if you understood how to recognize them to avoid any future regret. 

We hope this post assists you in finding your answer for how to identify Aramith pool balls and makes your billiard games much more meaningful. Don’t be afraid to share your pool ball selection expertise with us by posting it in the comments box below. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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