How Tall Is A Pool Table? Adjust yours To Appropriate Height

First-time pocket billiards frequently ask: How tall is a pool table? or how tall it should be. 

As you might have guessed, the way you set up, specifically how tall it is, can dramatically affect the playability and enjoyability of the game. 

Therefore, this category is crucial when you are aiming to optimize your performance. The standardized table’s height for playing pool must be between 29.25 inches and 31 inches. 

In terms of dimensions, the length and width of the playing surface vary a lot more than the table’s height, which usually falls in that standard range. Tables outside of this range are sometimes referred to as non-regulation tables.

How Tall Is A Pool Table?

7 Foot Billiards

Pool tables come in a plethora of different sizes. However, they all tend to have the same height. Typically, they are 29.25 to 31 inches tall. The primary differences are in the length and width of the tabletop.

Nevertheless, they all follow a strict 2 by 1 ratio, so the top will almost always be rectangular. The most common dimensions of the playfield by far are 88 by 44 inches. These tables are called the standard 8 feet. 

Regardless, some people who are shorter or taller than average by a sizable margin find it much more comfortable to elevate or, otherwise, lower the height of the playing field to a more playable level. 

As a result, most are adjustable by default, and you can also keep them level on many different surfaces. 

A lot of pocket billiard tables tend to have metal plates that you can remove or add to lower or raise the height of your table.

Are All Pool Tables The Same Height?

In most professional settings around the world, billiard tables are required to be within a certain height range. These equipment specifications and guidelines are very strict, so if you want to go pro, you’d better get yourself accustomed to that height range. 

But if you’re just a billiard hobbyist, there is really nothing stopping you from raising or lowering yours.

Standard regulation pool tables at tournaments are 9 ft tables, with the playing field’s dimensions measuring at 100 x 50 inches. 

There are no regulations or requirements in normal settings like in billiard halls, bars, or at homes, so you can adjust how tall to your liking. You can even adjust them to abnormal heights. The game can become more fun and challenging this way.

Does The Height Affect The Size?

There are no noticeable differences in size in correlation with the table’s height in most instances. Like we have mentioned, whether it is a 7-foot, an 8-foot, or a 9-foot, it will fall into the same height range from 29.75 to 31 inches. It is up to the owners to adjust how tall theirs are.

Moreover, there are some other tables in the billiards family whose height might be worth looking into. These are the snooker table and the carom table.

Snooker Table

You do not measure the height of a snooker table the same way as a pool table. Usually, the height of a snooker type is the distance between the floor to the top of the cushion rather than the playing surface.

Snooker tables often fall into the height range of 33.5 to 34.5 inches, higher than the average models. This also means the difference between the standard pool table when most retracted and the standard snooker table when most retracted is a 4.25-inch height difference.

Carom Table

The height range of a carom table is basically the same. However, a carom table with a minimum height of 29.53 inches is slightly taller than the pool table (29.25 inches).

When To Adjust Its Height?

For people who are taller than other casual players, adjusting the height, specifically higher, can make it easier for them to enjoy these pooling sessions. 

It can be hard to spot if you have never pooled yourself, but playing pool is quite physically demanding.

The game requires its players to perform a lot of bending over, so back pain is very likely to occur if you play too long in an uncomfortable posture. Therefore, be sure to adjust the table to a restful and playable height.

How Do People Make These Measurements?

To determine how high your billiard table is, you will need to figure out the distance between the playing surface and the floor. However, it is quite difficult to acquire this measurement from the floor to that surface directly. 

One easier way is to take a railing off the table. You will most likely need a tape measure to get an accurate calculation. 

Another way to do this task with greater accuracy involves some math but does not require taking the railing off your pool table. 

Measure the distance from the playing surface to the top of the railing. Then, measure from the top of the rail to the floor. 

Now, you can subtract the first measurement from the second one, and the result is the height of the table’s playing surface.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to: How tall is a pool table?, you will know how to adjust its height appropriately and optimize your record. 

Height is undoubtedly a game changer in pool games. It varies among different kinds and you can adjust to suit your own preference. Hope you have fun with your pooling.

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