How Much Does It Cost To Refelt A Pool Table?

A pool table is an entertainment and also a valuable piece of furniture. So, you don’t want to risk damaging it. But no matter how carefully you maintain it, you need to renew it at some time. But how much does it cost to refelt a pool table?

The first question that appears immediately in your mind is, of course, the expense. The cost to recover a billiard table depends on its size, the quality of the fabric, and whether you refelt it yourself or hire a professional.

The following information will undoubtedly assist you in saving time and money.

Overall Summary Cost

There is no correct answer when talking about the overall cost of refelting because it depends on the table’s size and fabric. We temporarily estimate the average cost of this task is $360.

Of course, the bigger the table is, the more you have to spend. Generally, refelting a 7- to 9-foot table can cost you from $260 to $560. The expense also varies due to other extra costs, such as staple removal, installation, levelling, and seam waxing.

The cost of moving a billiard table, including complete dismantle, movement, and installation, is $495. Rail replacement costs from $350 to $450.

You should read brochures or go through online lists of all kinds of refelting services in your area to get an ideal answer about how much does it cost to refelt a pool table? 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Refelting A Pool Table

The most important factors to consider are the quality of the cloth and the skilled experts  you will employ to do the work. The bigger the size of the table, the more fabric will be required, and the longer it will take to complete the installation. Choose between a simple pool table to save budget and an elaborate professional-style one to spend more money on.

The Size 

Table size is a rather important problem when recovering felt for your table at home. A larger size will require more fabric to construct, raising the cost. The larger the table, the more expensive it is.

Let’s see detailed costs for different sizes of tables. The average cost of a 7-foot table to refelt is from $265 to $450, while you will get the average cost of an 8-foot one to recover the felt is $270 to $500. With prices varying depending on the quality of the cloth, each extra foot in table length might cost between $10 and $50.


7-foot Table$265$350$450
8-foot Table$270$360$500
9-foot Table$280$375$550

The cost of refelting a billiard table is highly dependent based on its dimensions and the kind of felt that you will purchase. Bigger tables will take longer to recover, too.

The Fabric

Cost of cloth is one of the main factors leading to cheap or expensive cost for recovering the table’s felt.

Woolen cloth is the most common type of fabric material for pool tables. It tends to have a thick, heavy feel to the touch. This fabric is the most economical cloth on the market, costing around  $130. You’ll discover this sort of material mostly on public tables although the movement of the ball on this sort of substance will typically be much slower.

The woolen material is also easy to pilling, and it may be necessary to refelt more regularly.

The table felt is available in a number of colors and reasonably inexpensive; nonetheless, every billiard table for any purpose should be at least one step above the basic minimum.

Whilst worsted cloth is more pricey, about $300. On this fabric, billiard balls may travel more slowly. We highly recommend using precut felt since it allows simpler installation.

Some amateur players like a worsted fabric pool table in their house because it feels similar to a woolen suit. Furthermore, they are frequently seen in tournaments, giving them a sense of professionalism.

There are a few more special clothes, such as carom and snooker, available. The thinness of carom is one of its most intriguing features, creating the fastest balls.

The final decision on the fabric will be based on your particular preferences.

Service Fee

It is the cheapest way to replace the felt of the table yourself, but you can’t ensure its durability. So it’s better to have experts done this task for longer use.

Aside from the felt and the extras we discussed before, labour expenses in a modest range, which is about $125 on average for a basic table. Meanwhile, a bigger or more complicated installation might cost a minimum of $280.

There are some cases when you need to fill in chips on the table. And you will have an extra cost from $75 to $200 for this work, depending on the complexity.

Travelling Cost

Repairing your pool table from a local store may not cost you a penny for transporting. But if you live quite far from the repair service, the travelling expense can be significant.

If you live in the following areas:

  • More than 10 miles away, the travel cost is $25.
  • More than 20 miles away, you’ll have to pay $50 in travel costs.
  • More than 30 miles away, the travel cost is $75.

On average, recovering It takes from two to four hours to recover the felt of the table. Some experts demand a travel cost, so make sure to ask whether this is included in the estimate or not before signing on with them.

Refelting Pool Table Bumpers

The cost of replacing a billiard table bumper ranges from $50 to $90. The ends of the rail rubbers and rail come with a cushion face. On a high-quality one, it should last up to 20 years.

Rail rubbers will cost you from $44 to $54 for six pieces, and the price of cushion facings will be from $5 to $10 for a dozen. Also,you have to spend about $12 for a dozen bumper rubber rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have about owning one are listed in the following section:

How Long Does It Take To Refelt A Pool Table?

How long does refelting last? It also depends on some aspects, including the quality of the fabric, the table size or other factors. As a regular, it takes a specialist around 2 to 4 hours. If you do it yourself, the time will vary depending on your skill level, but it might take a day or more.

Can You Move A Pool Table Without Refelting?

When transporting, you’ll need to change the felt because the activity needs to replace it.

There are a lot of required tasks in dismantling and reassembling . You can’t transport a table without refelting, but you may place the same felt if it is in excellent condition. Nevertheless, if you are considering replacing the fabric on your billiard table, now is an excellent chance to do it.

How Often Should You Reflect A Pool Table?

How often you should replace your felt is mostly determined by how often and for how long you play, the environment your table is located in, and how well you preserve your table.

As a general guideline, if playing more than 4 days in a week, you should replace your clothes every 2 to 5 years. It is possible to last from 5 to 15 years without refelting after playing just infrequently. In other cases, however, the appearance, structure, and playability of the fabric may suggest that it needs to be replaced.

The truth is that no matter how well you look after your felt or how frequently you clean it, it will ultimately become worn out from use.

Signs You Need To Refelt Your Pool Table

If you have not decided when you will rechange your felt, examine the following factors:

Felt is either floppy or ripped — over time, it can get loose or ripped in some areas due to regular wear and tear. Whenever you observe these differences of the felt, it’s time to replace it.

It may not be easy to determine when a fabric needs to be replaced just by looking at it. It’s time to acquire some new felt if the fabric feels bristly or moves and bunches due to your palm’s force.

It’s just a matter of time – refelting depends on usage, the felt on a billiard table may last from five to fifteen years. Despite the fact that there are no obvious symptoms of the damage, it’s a fine decision to recover your table cloth after ten-year usage for those who play only occasionally.

How To Take Care Of Pool Table Felt?

A clean billiard table will survive longer, and basic maintenance is one of the most effective methods to preserve your investment. When you’re not playing, make sure your table is covered to keep your felt from dust particles, children, or pets.

Rather than wiping chalk dust particles on the table cloth, use a low-powered vacuum to completely eliminate it. To avoid sullying the table, keep the ball set clean and clear of dust and grime.

Finally, prevent harming or staining your tablecloth by keeping beverages and cigarettes/cigars away from it. Wearing loose jewellery or wrist watches while playing might catch the cloth, scratching and denting the table rails.


With the aspects we mentioned above in mind, we hope that you will be able to answer the question: how much does it cost to refelt a pool table?

As you might expect, the expense of recovering a pool table is governed by many factors, including the table’s size, travel costs, and the kind of felt you used.

It’s not an easy matter to recover your table. But this task is vital to maintain an attractive appearance and a consistent feeling when playing.

It would be best if you read consult brochures or search online for better suggestions of service, benefits, and costs.