How Are Pool Tables Delivered?

how are pool tables delivered

If you are planning to buy a new pool table for your home, you probably want to know how they are delivered. This article will go over the cost, size, and time involved. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a shipping method, including the type of pool table you’re looking for. The first thing to keep in mind is that some pool tables may be large and need to be transported by two men. If this is the case, you should consider having the delivery crew install the table for you, or leaving the table for you to do.

Cost of delivery

If you want to purchase a pool table, it is a good idea to find out how much delivery costs will be before you sign any contracts. Pool tables are quite heavy and moving them from one location to another is not an easy task. You will likely need to hire a moving company to help you with the move.

The cost of delivery varies depending on the seller, type of pool table, and whether or not installation is included. For example, most large name dealers will charge you between $300 and $500 for “white glove” delivery. However, some dealers will include delivery without installation. In these cases, you can often save money by waiving the dealer’s installation fee or hiring a certified third party installer.

The distance that the pool table must travel will also influence the shipping cost. If you’re moving locally, you’ll pay minimal shipping costs, but if you’re moving a few hundred miles, the cost will be higher. Similarly, the style of the pockets on the table will also determine the cost. For example, if you want a table with drop pockets and leather pockets, the shipping cost will be higher than a table with plastic pockets.

Delivery companies also provide a professional installation service. Depending on the manufacturer, some dealers charge additional fees for this service. However, you may still be able to buy a table with the installation service included in the price. If not, you can always opt to buy a table with a white glove installation.

The weight and size of pool tables vary, so you should be aware of this before making a final decision. Most billiards tables are heavier and larger than standard tables. This means that the moving company will charge more for these tables than the smaller versions. Depending on how much you plan to play, your table should be in a place where it is well-lit.

You will also need to factor in the distance that the table must travel. Depending on the size of your table, the distance, and the additional services you want, moving a pool table may cost you anywhere from $200 to $800. So, if you’re considering a pool table, consider the cost and make sure it is worth the expense.

Mid-range pool tables usually cost between $2,100 and $3,500. These are typically higher quality models than the economy versions. They may include hardwoods, slate inserts, or better-grade felt. Additionally, they may come with select adjustments and color options. These tables should be durable and last for a long time.

Size of pool table

Most pool tables are delivered in a partially assembled state. The cabinet and legs are packaged separately. These are then installed in one unit. Depending on the type of table, the delivery process may vary. It also depends on the seller and the buyer’s wishes. When purchasing a pool table, be sure to check the shipping and delivery policy for details.

The delivery service will contact you to arrange a time for the table to be delivered. It may take up to one hour to assemble a table. At least two adults will need to help. Slate is very heavy and can be damaged easily if it’s not handled properly. The delivery company cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur during installation. A representative will contact you the day before the delivery so you can plan accordingly. You should have someone to help you lift the table off the truck. You should be prepared to lift the table’s three heavy slates.

Size is an important consideration when buying a pool table. A regulation-sized pool table is roughly twice as long as it is wide. Most manufacturers specify the dimensions of their pool tables, but you can also customize the size of the table to suit your preferences. A 57-inch cue is common, but you can get a cue that is shorter and lighter.

When purchasing a pool table online, consider the shipping method. Freight carriers generally deliver pool tables within the continental U.S. via UPS or FedEx Freight. You may also choose a third-party freighting company. Make sure to specify the shipping method in your order details. The shipping method you choose will depend on the type of pool table and the weight of your purchase. If you’re buying a used pool table, you may need to hire a moving company to transport it. Some sellers include delivery and installation as part of their price.

Besides size, style is another important consideration when buying a pool table. If you frequent pool halls, you’ll want to match your table with your room’s dimensions. Other factors to consider include the size of your room, load-bearing columns, and style. And if you want to compete in professional competitions, you may want to consider purchasing a table that fits the environment.

The most common size for pool tables is eight feet by four feet. However, there are also a variety of smaller and larger sizes available. For example, the 9-foot table is a standard tournament-size table. However, a 7-foot table is considered to be a bar-size table.

In addition to size, another important factor is the length of the pool cue. The length of the cue can affect your stroke and the consistency of your break shot.

Shipping time

When buying a new pool table, shipping time is an important factor to consider. Typically, pool tables are delivered partially assembled. The cabinet, legs, and playing surface are packaged separately, then assembled together when delivered. Depending on the seller, buyer, and table type, delivery times can vary. In order to ensure a prompt delivery, a shipping date should be specified when placing an order.

Once an order is placed, a company representative will contact you to arrange delivery. After this, the company will send a certified billiards technician to install the pool table. This process typically takes two to four weeks, although this can change during peak periods. For more information, contact the manufacturer of the pool table you are interested in to find out if there’s a lead time for delivery.

Shipping time for pool tables varies from vendor to vendor. Some may include installation and delivery in their price. If you’re ordering from an online vendor, make sure to check their shipping policy. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least three days for delivery. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra for installation or hire a moving company.

Delivery costs for pool tables vary, and will depend on the seller, type of table, and shipping service. Some sellers charge as little as $50 and others charge hundreds of dollars. Some sellers even include delivery costs in the purchase price of the table. The costs of moving the table can range from $250 to $650.