Gifts For Pool Players: 15 Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

A special occasion is around the corner for your pool-passionate friend, and you are scouring the Internet for some gifts for pool players to surprise them with. Still, finding the perfect one is not an easy task.

The constant anxiety you feel when it comes to picking up a gift for people is true, and it is horrendous! The cringe might be the bucket of cold water slowly killing the desire to buy anything in you. 

If you find yourself in this situation, let’s get right into the post! These 15 gift ideas for pool players will surely make your loved ones happy and take away your fear of being a lame present giver!

Top 15 Best Gifts For Pool Players 

Mini Tabletop Pool Set

A mini tabletop set is a wonderful idea for beginners or young-aged pool players. If you’ve never heard of it, check out Hey!Play! Mini Tabletop Set.

The modest size offers an entirely new and exciting experience when compared to a standard tabletop. 

While full-sized pool tables often range from 7 to 9 feet in length, the mini version has a cute, miniature appearance of only 2 feet in maximum. 

The balls that come with the mini tabletop are smaller, and the rails don’t give a similar sense of real-life playing due to the awkward scale of the balls, cue stick, and table. 

However, if you’re in the game for fun rather than professionality, go for it! Imagine having the time of your life playing pool on this tabletop in an outside gathering with your people; what a blast! 

Pool Table Lights

The idea of buying lights for a pool player is probably something you have never thought about. But as it turns out, the lighting quality is equally important when it comes to giving the best performance for them. 

For that reason, this gift can lead the person on the receiving end to think of you as a thoughtful, considerate present giver.

Lights for the pool table area are diverse in terms of color shades and designs. It is completely up to you to choose the best one based on your understanding of the receiver’s preference and aesthetic vision. 

We have purchased the hanging pool table lights from Tiffany for our game room, and we think it is a great product to check out if you are interested. 

The item is available in two colors: amber cream and sea Glenn. Each color has three different sizes and has such an eye-catching Victorian-style outer design to accentuate your game room.

Billiard Pool Table Cover

The woolen felt surface of billiard tables is susceptible to dust spills and premature damage if you leave them exposed to the air for a long time. For that reason, a table cover can make a meaningful and thoughtful gift for any pool player.

Pool table protectors come in different colors and materials. Each person will have their specific likings and criteria for the cover. For example, round-cornered table owners will require a different shape for their equipment from the one with square corners.

Therefore, we suggest you opt for a durable cover, heavy-duty leatherette construction that is available in different sizes like this one from Shieldo. 

They are slippery leather, which keeps the tabletop safe from dust, grimes in the atmosphere. 

The corners are weighted to keep the cloth stays tightly in one place, while the seams are firm and machine-sewed to prevent unwanted ripping when you stretch it out on the table.

Home Pool Table

Suppose that you have lately noticed a beloved person in your life is getting more and more obsessed with billiards and keeps asking you out for a pool game every weekend. 

Even though you enjoy playing with them, you dread the idea of hanging out in a public place with too many people. Well, perhaps that’s the sign to buy your loved one a home pool table on a special occasion. 

Pool players can benefit a lot from having a pool table in the comfort of their own homes. The urge to practice can be satisfied any time of the day, and the moments that friends and families play with one another will be even more intimate and fun!

If you’re looking for a recommendation, the one from Fat Cat would be a great choice. 

You can comfortably place this 6-foot long, compactly designed table in a small room without sacrificing other areas. Also, it has such lightweight and durable materials for utmost portability.

Cue Case

Does the pool player you’re buying a gift for have a case-free, messy way of keeping their sticks that makes your eyes roll? Or possibly their case is in such bad condition and about to fall apart anytime soon?

If you find this situation relatable, a cue case might make the perfect gift to consider. It will surely bring them so much joy and make the celebration much more unforgettable.

There are a few factors you should pay attention to when buying a cue case for other people, including their favorite colors, the numbers of cues they have, and the accessories that go with the cue sets.

You can check out the cue case from Casemaster. As the name implies, this brand produces such high-quality cases for a decent price range. 

The case’s outside construction is leatherette to protect the cues from rain, heat, dirt, and oxidation. Plus, the interior has soft-lined cushions to reduce impact against the cues. 

Cue Rack

Most pool game enthusiasts love to collect sticks as their personal treasure, but not many are dedicated to keeping their sticks organized. 

If you have been to a loved one’s house and noticed some sticks leaning on the wall, or some others shoved against the game room’s corners, perhaps they fall into the latter category!

In this case, a cue rack might be a wonderful gift to make their day. 

A standard cue rack includes holders to store the cues vertically, hookers to hang ball racks, and a place to keep the billiards ball.

If you find this gift idea intriguing, we suggest checking out the pool cue rack from XCSOURCE. 

Its construction is of solid pine wood, and its design is minimal, compact for the user’s utmost comfort. 

Pool Cue

Pool cues and billiard playing go together like a horse and carriage. Therefore, getting a pool player a stick as a gift can be highly appreciated yet risky and challenging at the same time. 

For that reason, you need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge before buying someone a pool stick.

Dive deeper into your loved one’s preference when it comes to the cue’s weight, playing type, and style to pick the most tailor-made one for them. 

If you’re mixed up due to the availability of various options, we highly recommend the pool sticks from McDermott

They have a wide range of sizes, colors, lengths, styles of sticks to choose from while keeping the price range reasonable.

Magic Billiard Ball Rack

Should the pool player in your life be constantly struggling with the process of racking balls into a neat order, it’s a sign to purchase them the magical ball rack. 

It might come as a surprise to some people that ball rack is not as much of a common add-on in real-life pool playing, despite how often you see them in professional matches. Therefore, a ball rack might be an unexpected, lovely gift to give your loved ones.

Ball racks often come in the shape of a triangle and have tiny ridges on the perimeter. Depending on the playing style that the receiver prefers, you can choose among the eight-ball, nine-ball, and ten-ball racks. 

Some ball racks have a cheap construction, which doesn’t work well on older felts and make it harder to form a perfect rack. Therefore, opting for a high-quality one like the magic rack from Cuesports might help to deliver the best triangle every single time.  

Pool Ball Set

Apart from billiard sticks, pool balls are another thing that pool players can’t get enough of. 

Each ball set has a different color theme, exterior design, material, and feel when played on the felt. Thereby, alternating between a few balls set to refresh the game is a wonderful idea.

If your loved one already has a billiard table at home, buying them a brand new ball set sounds like something that will excite them a whole lot. 

We have purchased ball sets from JAPER BEES, and if you are feeling like purchasing new balls for the person in your life, we highly suggest you check this brand out.

Their collections of balls are so diverse that we are sure they can satisfy many different aesthetic preferences. 

Sets such as minimal classic, deluxe marble dark, marble swirl, pearl-wet, and many more are available for you to choose from. Also, they all have an ergonomic design for better grip and consistent performance. 

Premium Billiard Accessory Kit

The billiard accessory kit, another potential contender as a gift for novice pool players or complete beginners. If the person you’re buying a gift for just has kicked off their billiard journey, a premium pool playing starter set will have them jumping for joy. 

However, choosing a good accessory kit is not that easy, especially if you are new to pool games in general. There are plenty of brands selling kits at such high prices with the claim that they have every tool you need to start playing billiards.

Instead of listening to the advertisements, it would be best if you take your time and look closely at each product. Consider how many gears are included, their qualities, then estimate the price to see if the total makes sense.  

If you are still confused, you can take a look at our recommendation – this accessory kit from Hathaway.  

For such a budget-friendly price, you can get your hand on a full set of every essential pool game accessory. 

The kit includes a 2-¼-inch ball set of 16 pieces that has a marble, precision-engineered construction. There are also six cue sticks, one aluminum bridge head, two bride sticks, a ball rack, and a rail brush. 

Magnetic Chalk Holder

Chalk is an essential add-on that pool players can never own too much of. However, going for a cue chalk as a gift is quite predictable. Why don’t you instead go for something else that is just as beneficial as cue chalk itself but more fun – a chalk holder?

Some players tend to hold the chalk directly with their bare hands. It can get messy once the chalk bleeds all over the player’s hands and the cue balls. 

Therefore, if you notice your loved one doesn’t use chalk holders as much as they should or have fewer holders than the numbers of chalk they have, this gift is a brilliant option.

Should you have no idea which one to look into, we highly recommend the chalk holders from KAMUI. 

They feature a strong magnet system for strong holding and a rubber case to keep the chalk firmly in place.

Pool Room Man Cave Gift LED Neon Sign

Who doesn’t love having a neon sign illuminating its light all around their game rooms?  It might not be an essential thing to play, but it will certainly give the room a more chic and relaxed ambiance.

Therefore, planning to prepare a LED neon sign as a gift for the pool player in your life seems like a fun idea. There is no limit to what you can create when it comes to LED neon sign making. The options for you are genuinely endless!

For instance, you can buy a pre-made billiard-inspired sign like this POOL SHARK from ADVPRO.

The wires are shaped into a shark holding a pool cue with some letters at the side. The cool color tone delivers a perfect amount of luminosity to light up the room.

Ping Pong Table Top For Pool Table

Surprisingly enough, pool games are not the only game in town that you can play on the billiard table top.

If the pool players in your life seem to get increasingly uninspired due to constant frustrating practice sessions, having the familiar pool table turned into a place for ping pong will definitely brighten up their moods. 

If you find this gift idea fascinating, you can check out this ping pong table from JOOLA.

This product has a sturdy construction and comes in different sizes and shapes to please every tabletop.

Also, the assembly process is fairly simple and doesn’t require any pool table top detachment. Simply put the board on top of the table, and you are ready to go!

Billiards Pool Ball Shot Glasses

Have you ever heard of pool ball shot glasses? It is essentially the normal drinking game with some interesting twists. Instead of being placed on the table like they usually do, the glasses will stand vertically on a shallow hole carved inside a pool ball.

This gift idea is more for fun than practical when it comes to pool play. However, it remains a great thing to give a billiard lover since the game is the main theme of the design. There is no doubt that this cute little glass set will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

We have purchased a set of these shot glasses from Fairly Odd Novelties, and they are totally worth the money.

A full set includes nine crystal-clear shot glasses, nine cases with the pool ball theme, and a plastic serving tray. If you are curious, definitely check this one out!

Pool Stick With Case Combo

The last gift idea that will melt the heart of your beloved pool player is a complete cue stick set. It is a perfect choice for those who are inexperienced and currently learning how to play pool games. 

When it comes to buying gifts for starters, many people get frustrated with an ocean of options. Should you get them a training cue, cue chalk, or a pair of billiard gloves?

If you find yourself asking the same question, a set of cue sticks with accessories like this one from PhoenixHit will solve your struggle. This kit will get your loved one right into the game without extensive preparation.

Within one order, you will get two high-quality cue sticks, a pool glove, cue chalk, a chalk holder, and a sturdy waterproof protective bag. Everything a newbie needs is right there in a kit. 

Bottom Line

So there you have it, our collections of the best 15 gifts for pool players. The wide range of options we have presented will surely make the birthday or celebration of your loved ones unforgettable, especially if they are madly into playing pool. 

We also have a small tip for you! To make the gift appear more personal, unique, and relevant to the person you’re buying the gift for, customized things are the way to go. It can be a lovely wish printed on a cue ball, a funny joke written outside the case stick.

Remember not to stress yourself out during the process, and have fun with it since the effort you put into the gift already means the world to your loved ones!