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What Is A Low Deflection Pool Cue?

Whether you are an excellent billiards player or just a new player on your billiards journey, it is a fact that you need to learn to control a low deflection pool cue. Follow us to find more information in the article below to help you understand its properties or make a purchase. Contents1 What Is …

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How Much Does A Good Pool Cue Cost? A COMPLETE ANSWER

On the market today, there are many types of pool cues with very different prices. This price variation is driven by materials, designs, and uses.  Therefore, there are many different options for a pool cue to suit each person’s preferences, purposes, and budgets. The price of a pool cue varied from $100 to more than …

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How To Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart

How To Move A Pool Table Without Taking It Apart?

How to move a pool table without taking it apart? Moving a slate one has always been a challenging task. That is why there are professionals who are specialized in this chore.  However, asking for a pro hand can cost you a sweet amount of money. So, if the distance is short, choosing to take …

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How Tall Is A Pool Table? Adjust yours To Appropriate Height

First-time pocket billiards frequently ask: How tall is a pool table? or how tall it should be.  As you might have guessed, the way you set up, specifically how tall it is, can dramatically affect the playability and enjoyability of the game.  Therefore, this category is crucial when you are aiming to optimize your performance. …

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Slate vs Slatron Pool Table: What Are The Differences?

Slate vs slatron pool table: Which is the best one for you? As a billiard fan, you must have heard about these two popular materials.. You may have noticed that slate pool tables tend to be more costly than slatron one; nevertheless, pricing is just one factor among many variables to consider between both tables. …

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How Does A Pool Table Recognize The Cue Ball? Here’s The Secret

How does a pool table recognize the cue ball? Has this question ever suddenly popped up in your head? Playing pool is the perfect game/sport for people who prefer indoor activities and still want it to be fun, energetic, and competitive at the same time.  You enjoy the times at the pool hall until something …

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Cannot get a group of friends to play Billiards with? Do you want to know how to play pool by yourself? There is a simple solution, that is, switching sides as if you were a different individual.  Contents1 Why Should You Play Pool By Yourself?2 How To Play Pool Alone?2.1 1. Prepare Ahead Of Time2.2 …

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Snooker Cue Vs Pool Cue – Which One Should You Choose?

It is common to consider snooker cue vs pool cue if you are about to start getting into billiards. Billiards is a recognized sport, and its presence is becoming more and more popular with more people as it appears in major sports competitions around the world. Before you get confused with so many different options, …

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A Detailed Guide On How To Clean A Pool Cue Shaft

Many people wonder how to clean a pool cue shaft and how to keep it shiny. No one wants to play with a stained and dull one.  If not cleaned and maintained regularly, your cue shaft will quickly deteriorate. Bacteria and mold can wreak havoc it from the inside. As a result, the tool won’t …

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