Best Pool Cue For Intermediate Player – 7 Nominations By Experts

Once you’ve been playing billiards for a while and are familiar with the use of cues, you begin to want to develop your style. The best pool cue for intermediate player will help you become more confident in your ability to play.

But, the unlimited variety of brands in the pool cues market can leave you feeling confused. Our list of 7 top-rated picks brings you versions with outstanding performance proven by many famous players worldwide.

Quick Summary For Immediate Picking Up

First, you must own the PureX Pool Cue HXT15 at all costs. It gives you the most comprehensive experience possible with powerful yet well-balanced shots. Anti-warping technology is the biggest advantage of this stick.

Its personality scores each choice of the remaining candidates. Like the Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12, which gives you incredible ball control, or the Cuetec Pool Cue 13-99280-Parent personalizes your playing style with adjustable weights.

The 3-Piece Pool cue impresses with its 12-pin Brass Joint for a uniform connection. Meanwhile, you may improve chalk retention of the tip with a replaceable scuffer of Viper Billiard Cue 50-1501-18.

The Viking Valhalla 100 Series gives you stable shots by minimizing the vibrations of the heavy-duty ferrule. If you value aesthetics, then the McDermott Billiard Cue L65 will excite you with the dynamic graphic design of its outer shell.

7 Best Pool Cue For Intermediate Player Reviews

PureX Pool Cue HXT15 – Best For Anti-Warping

Purex HXT15 is a Pool Cue that every intermediate player needs. The North American premium-grade hard rock maple ensures this stick can last for years. This type of material combined with HXT Low Deflection Technology reduces cue ball deflection even in the presence of warpage. 

Moreover, the HXT15 features a tip that allows you to perform a smooth straight shaft, helping increase the power and accuracy of each shot. It is all you need to improve your skill as accuracy is what sets an intermediate and an expert apart.

Its design delivers a sense of advanced performance. The precise and comfortable shots make you want to play more. From there, improve skills and levels in billiards.

All in all, the Purex Pool Cue HXT15 somehow elevates your level in every game section. It lasts much longer than competitors in the same price segment. It is worth buying and experiencing.

However, the pointed tip seems to be easily distorted by strong impacts. You won’t want to throw it from above or accidentally drop it if you want to use it long-term.

Things we like
  • The shape made of premium-grade hard rock maple
  • HXT Low Deflection Technology reducing cue ball deflection
  • Increase power and accuracy
  • The weight ranging from 18 to 21 oz for play style personalization
Things we don't like
  • The tip is at risk of deforming under strong impact.

Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12 – Best For Ball Control

Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12 impresses with its outstanding ball control thanks to Premium Everest technology of the tip. It provides a medium hardness that preserves almost the force from your hand, delivering precise balls.

As you know, the soft tips will drain the initial force, causing the ball to roll to an unexpected position. But the LZC12 offers a solid and stable tip that gives you a chance to show your full play skill. It is the biggest reason why you always want to bring this stick to the clubs.

Moreover, its cue butt includes four pieces made up of natural solid maple, delivering a powerful impact and enhanced longevity. Its design also attracts you with a wood-stabilizer coat that helps protect the cue from further moisture.

We bet you will fall in love with the elegant look of Cocobolo – the main material of Lucasi LZC12. It promises to be the most stunning pool stick among the ones you’ll ever own.

Many people say that the warping occurs with Lucasi LZC12 after a period of use. But we didn’t notice that.

The viability of billiard cues depends on your care habits. All woods will warp when exposed to high temperatures. Thus, make sure that you don’t store them in the trunk of a car or a hot warehouse.

Things we like
  • Premium Everest Tip for ball control
  • The solid Maple shaft for a powerful impact and enhanced longevity
  • Wood-stabilizer coat protects the cue from further moisture
Things we don't like
  • Risk of warping after a period of use

Cuetec Graphite 13-99280-Parent- Best For Adjustable Weight 

The most valuable feature of the Cuetec Pool Cue 13-99280-Parent is the bolt system. You can adjust the weight to immediately suit any weight of preferences. You can get this benefit by opening the rubber bumper and changing the weight bolts.

A custom cue is the thing that all ambitious pool players pursue to level up to a master. And this cue allows you to do just that.

The stick comes with two pieces connected by a well-secured joint, performing a straight and well-balanced performance. This property helps you make long shots and good breaks.

Even so, it can come apart into two pieces if you drag them on the rubber surface. That’s because moisture increases the friction of composite shafts.

Not only that, the sweat-anti-wicking fiberglass surface creates a perspiration film leading to the risk of slippery grips. Therefore, you will need a hand towel or cloth wrapped around the palm of your hand every time you play.

If you can overcome your annoying sweat, you will be surprised with the performance and quality of this stick. Indeed, it can last for years of use, thanks to fiberglass construction.

As you know, fiberglass is a typical material of the cues for beginning and intermediate players. It becomes the most common alternative to wood because of low cost and durability.

Things we like
  • The bolt system offers adjustable weight to fit your play style
  • Well-secured joint for firm connection between two pieces
  • The fiberglass construction can last for years
Things we don't like
  • Risk of slippery grips because of the sweat-anti-wicking fiberglass surface

McDermott Billiard Cue Lucky L65 – Best For Dynamic Design

Lucky L65 combines hard rock maple cues with unique graphic overlays, delivering a firm grip and dynamic look.

Besides, this cue of McDermott is a great suggestion with no warping. There is no rattle with the joint screw. Indeed, you can perform smooth and silent hits. 

The cue also features comfortable grips with the wrap coated by Irish linen. You will want to shoot with this stick daily, and it produces strokes that can make you excited and enjoyable.

However, its color will not match the image. The color is dark and gloomy instead of sparkling color like in the image. Thus, you should not over expect too much from the color of the product in the image.

Things we like
  • Unique graphic overlays
  • No warping
  • Smooth joint screw helps you focus on each shot
  • Irish linen for comfortable grips
Things we don't like
  • The actual color does not match the image of the advertisement

Viking Valhalla 100 Series – Best For Heavy-Duty Ferrule

This high-end pool cue delights you with a heavy-duty ferrule that guarantees great impact-resistance. It’s solidly reinforced between the shaft and the tip to help reduce unnecessary vibrations for smooth and stable shots.

That feature comes with a 13 mm leather tip that offers outstanding ball control. The tip is scuffed and curved for ready to use. It gives the perfect feeling when in contact with the ball.

Viking Valhalla 100 Series has a two-piece design for easy transport. Furthermore, checkers construct, roll, and thoroughly examine pool cues before sending them. They want to ensure that it meets customers’ high-quality requirements.

It is a bonus point that Valhalla has more than a hundred different styles and colors to consider. You can choose one and have a pool cue that suits your personality.

You’ve been playing pool for years, and this is the best stick you’ve ever had. It turns out that stick quality has a significant impact on playability. This Valhalla is of the highest caliber.

There are a lot of fake products with the same design, made in China, for example. You should research carefully before buying this type of cue if you do not want to end up buying a fake product.

Things we like
  • Heavy-duty ferrule for mpact-resistance
  • Minimized vibrations for smooth and stable shots
  • The scuffed and curved leather tip for ready to use
  • Various styles and colors
Things we don't like
  • Widely counterfeited

Viper Billiard Cue 50-1501-18 – Best For Replaceable Scuffer

Billiard Cue 50-1501-18 stands out of the rest of this list by coming with a replaceable scuffer. This feature allows you to twist the scuffer off and curve the tip of your cue for improved chalk retention.

Besides, it blows your mind with the maple shaft with 9-coat varnish. This property enhances waterproofing, anti-moisture, and temperature resistance – the main factors that warp the cue.

Furthermore, the shaft secures screws to the butt by a lightweight stainless steel joint. It assists in delivering a consistent feel during play.

The tip integrated into the stick’s base is a nice touch that doesn’t detract from the overall feel of the cue. Viper Billiard Cue 50-1501-18 is an eye-catchy and unique cue due to its design and pattern.

The shaft was a little thicker than usual at first, but it didn’t take long to get used to. It’s a well-made cue with a stunning and thick appearance. Plus, the cushioned handle is fantastic.

Things we like
  • Replaceable scuffer for improved chalk retention
  • 9-coat varnish for waterproofing, anti-moisture, and temperature resistance
  • Lightweight stainless steel joint for a consistent feel
  • Eye-catchy design
Things we don't like
  • The larger-than-normal diameter is not suitable for some playing habits.

Tai Ba 2-Piece Pool Cue – Best For 12-Pin Brass Joint

The 2-Piece Pool cue helps you hone your playing skills with a 12-pin pure brass joint. This utility minimizes vibrations, providing a straight and smooth feel in every shot.

The 100% natural Canadian maple shaft provides a solid texture for a strong and durable feel. It also lasts a long time thanks to nine coats of varnish coated on it and a stylish decal overlayed on top for sweat repellent.

Besides, the leather wrap delivers a comfortable grip at all times. It ensures to reduce deflection while increasing robust and precious feel.

The screw piece is expanded so that it fits snugly into the handle. You can not find this characteristic on lower-priced sticks.

Tai ba Pool Cue is definitely for demanding customers. The stick comes with a hard case, sealed in a plastic bag to ensure its safety while delivering.

The stick arrived in the case, sealed in a plastic bag to ensure its safety during transportation. It was fantastic because the tip was already rounded and scuffed.

However, this stick does not include low deflection technology in its construction. Its high-grade materials are guaranteed to resist warping for a long time if properly maintained.

Things we like
  • 12-pin pure brass joint minimizes vibrations
  • 100% natural Canadian maple shaft for a strong and durable feel
  • Expanded screw piece fits snugly into the handle
Things we don't like
  • No low deflection technology featured

How To Choose A Pool Cue For Intermediate Players

Construction Of Tai Ba Cues 2-piece Pool Cue

Cost – Fiberglass Emphasizes Low Price And Durability

Generally, an intermediate pool cue is about 50-500 USD. The cost depends on the material of the cue. So you need to consult and consider if it is suitable for your budget.

Usually, wood sticks are more preferred because it gives a luxurious and traditional feel. Therefore, this cue is often listed in the higher price segment than the rest. Lucasi Custom Pool Cue Lzc12 with Cocobolo and Maple construction is the best choice for wood cues.

Today, advanced materials are born to meet the needs of players both in terms of quality and price. Among them, fiberglass is gradually gaining the trust of pool players for its low price and durability. 

You can refer to Cuetec Graphite 13-99280-parent for lightweight fiberglass and moisture resistant.

Shaft – Fine Wood Combines With Low-deflection Technology Providing Smooth Strokes

The shaft is one of the most important sections that you need to notice. Because it directly affects the effectiveness of cue sticks when using. 

The standard diameter of an intermediate pool cue requires a range between 11-13 mm. It also depends on you, so you can try to determine the right size for yourself. 

Besides that, a shaft with low-deflection is an essential factor because it will help you perform your accurate and smooth shots.

Many top brands tend to combine complex technologies in their shaft to improve the capacity of the cue. You can consult the product below:

Cue Tip – A Harder Tip Produces A More Powerful Hit

A good tip will help you achieve accurate hits at the cue ball. An intermediate player will check its standard base on the material. It is tough and elastic, and the standard size requires between 11-14 millimeters.

The majority of players choose the tip, which is made from potent materials, such as pigskin, top-notch leather, and so on.  

You can choose a soft tip instead of a hard tip if you want. But, if a long-lasting pool stick is your primary focus, a hard tip is the best choice. 

For instance, McDermott Billiard Cue L65 has a 13 mm standard size tip. The material is quality leather that helps to hold chalk better. 

Or a Tiger Everest Multi-layer tip from Cuetec Pool Cue 13-99280-Parent. It allows you to come with higher ball control.

Joint Type – Strong Joint Reinforces The Strength And Stability Of The Cue

The join type connects two pieces of your pool stick: the shaft and the butt. The more sturdy the joint, the more strength and stability of the pool cue increases.

It has three popular kinds: 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, and Uni-Loc®. Choose one of them if you want to upgrade your cue. You can choose Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12 with a quick-release Uni-Loc® joint. 

Consider Cue Tapper Based On Tip Size

When buying a cue tapper for every level, the player must consider the size and shape of the cue. For an immediate, a cue tapper can be around 11-13 mm. 

This ideal length helps to decrease the power and keeps the ball going straight. There are types of shapes that you can choose are conical and pron. You can select the most appropriate one based on a particular game. 

We recommend using PureX Pool Cue HXT15 or Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12  for the immediate level. At this stage, you are not only feeling fun but also attempting to the next level.

Weight – Recommend 19.5-ounce Cues For Intermediate Players

For beginners, a lightweight one is the best choice. But the intermediate must use the heavier cue. Be aware that the weight affects how you make a shot.  

We recommend 19.5-ounce cues for intermediate players. With this type of cue, you will have the ball rolling faster into the pocket. If you are more confident in your playing skills, you can choose any heavier cue in the range from 19 to 21 oz. 

You can go wrong with  Cuetec Pool Cue 13-99280-Parent or McDermott Billiard Cue L65. These products are easy to control and heavy enough to be exact.

Balanced Point Should Be Closer To The End Of The Butt For Anti-Pivoting

The balanced point usually settles in the center or next to the center about 1-2 inches. Based on your preference, you can decide for yourself which one suits you best. 

Overall, the best balance point is about 15 or 20 inches from the bottom of the butt plate. When the equilibrium point is closer to the end of the butt, it will prevent the cue from pivoting. In this term, the Viking Valhalla 100 Series will meet your needs.

Warranty – Prioritize Exchange And Repair Policies

Before buying any product, we always acknowledge the length of the warranty. We also notice how the warranties cover the product from the date of buy. The cue stick is a sensitive product. It may cause damage during shipping. 

A confirmation with the buyer about the policies of exchange and repair always comes first. Viper Billiard Cue 50-1501-18 is the product that gives you great value from the warranty.

Extra Accessories

If you are sweat-palm, you should look for a cue with included gloves to avoid the slippery feeling on the stick. It also protects your equipment from dampness and lasts longer. 

You must prepare beforehand accessories for the hygiene of the equipment, including liquid or powder clean, a cotton tower. A carrying case will be necessary for the storage of your instrument. Luckily, all our recommended picks come with a case.

An application of chalk on the cue stick allows you to take a shot rather than the ball slipping the ball. These are the least accessories that you need to prepare for an immediate playing section.

At this point, we suggest the Tai Ba 2-piece Pool Cue for full accessories of gloves, a hard case, and others like tip pick and joint protectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cue Does Earl Strickland Use?

No one knows all the cues that Earl Strickland has because he changes his signals constantly. There are two things that we can be sure of that he has a habit of using signals 60” or more because of his tall build.

Besides, he prefers heavier cues because he believes the increased weight will keep his arms from shaking. The heavier cues help him stay in position while making better shots.

Do You Really Need A Break Cue?

You might consider a break cue if you play 8-ball and 9-ball pool. This type of cue will be heavier, have a thicker rectum, a shorter tubule, and a stiffer tip. Many break cues have a harder tip that will last longer when breaking hard.

Are One-Piece Pool Cues Better?

One-piece cues are non-articulated and non-removable sticks. Many players prefer them because they provide the feel of a uniform lever for out-of-reach shots.

However, they make it difficult to move and cannot be tucked into a car. Either way, good-quality two-piece signals don’t make too much of a difference in playing performance.


Our best pool cue for intermediate player collection provides you with seven worthwhile options. Each of the candidates stands out by the unique characteristics that the other competitors do not have.

Purex Pool Cue HXT15 ensures anti-warping with HXT Low Deflection Technology, while Lucasi Custom Pool Cue LZC12 produces precise shots thanks to Premium Everest technology. Both offer high-end experiences at affordable prices.

It doesn’t matter what you choose from this list. All our recommendations lead to great performances. On the contrary, if you still want to choose another beyond this list, our buying guide will also help.

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