TOP 5 Barrington Pool Table Reviews – Are They Worth Your Money?

Barrington is a reputable brand that has produced various top-notch pool tables at reasonable prices. If you are about to purchase one from this brand, our Barrington pool table reviews will compare some of the brand’s top-selling items by putting them under scrutiny. 

Besides reviewing the five prominent products, we will include their pros and cons to give you a general idea of each item. So now, let’s get right into the review!

An Overview Of The Barrington Pool Tables


Before getting further into the Barrington pool table reviews, let us tell you more about the brand. 

Some of you might not be familiar with the company, especially the inexperienced who just got into the game of pool. Therefore, acquiring some general information about Barrington might be a good place to start.

Barrington pool tables are the products of the company named Barrington Billiards Company. As the name implies, this brand specializes in pool game-related equipment such as billiard tables and accessories. 

Since its establishment, Barrington have taken the world by storm with their fine quality and diverse, elegant looks. Their product have a solid wood construction and a stylish design to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Top 5 Barrington Pool Table In-Depth Reviews

After learning briefly about the brand history, let us introduce the top five pool tables from Barrington. We will include detailed reviews and the pros and cons to give you a general idea about each product. 

Barrington Springdale Billiard Table Set BLL090_066B  – Best For Classic Look

The Barrington Springdale wins the heart of every oldie pool player who loves a table with a classic, vintage look. With a wooden claw foot and a dark green felt, it has successfully captured and brought to life the spirit of the classic concept.

Regarding the design, Barrington focuses on the tiniest details to resemble the old billiard tables. Unlike other competitors, the drop pockets’ material isn’t plastic or rubber. Instead, all four corners have leather layers covering on top to give a more vintage look. 

Also, even though the inside of the legs is mainly made of metal to improve stability, the product comes with additional high-quality wooden molds. These molds completely hide the metal legs to ensure the old-fashioned aesthetic of the product.

Besides having a stunning design, its functionality is also considerably impressive. The felt has a tricot polyester blend material that helps to enhance the ball’s stability when rolling.

This billiard table also features a genuine set of K-818 bumper guards to support the consistency of the ball when it is bouncing on the felt. 

On the downside, it is slightly hard to assemble since it is relatively heavy. You can’t finish the task without the help of two or three other people.

Things we like
  • Elegant, classic design
  • Supports consistent ball roll and bounce
  • Scratch-resistant rails

Things we don't like
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to set up

Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Table BLL096_048B – Best For Home Use

This product from Barrington is the closest thing to perfection for an at-home entertainment unit. With a sleek, robust build and a lightweight body, you can bring it everywhere in the comfort of your own home and have an enjoyable time with your family. 

The first thing that might grab your attention is its modern design with such minimal details. The table is made from birch veneer and has an oak finish for a neat, glossy look. 

Also, it features two concrete legs that are extremely solid and well-constructed, acting as an ultimate leveler for the table.

When it comes to performance, this billiard table won’t disappoint you either. With high-quality felt material, mainly wool, it will give the balls a smooth and zippy movement. 

What’s more, it will come with a set of additional accessories, including chip-proof balls, cue sticks, triangle rack, brush, and chalk, so you can start your game right away.  

On the negative side, the veneer-coated beam set between two concrete legs can easily be damaged when moving it from one place to another. 

Things we like
  • Modern design with minimal details
  • Comes with a full accessories kit
  • Well-built concrete legs for ultimate stability
  • Wool felt for the smoothest ball movement
Things we don't like
  • The wooden beam between two legs is fairly flimsy

Barrington Madison Billiard Table Set BL090Y21007 – Best Premium Pool Table

If you are on the lookout for a premium billiard table for commercial use, we highly recommend this Madison model. Its outstanding unit, specifically designed for an intense game session, has gotten the better of most pool tables these days.

Speaking of the construction, it features a signature three-piece slate system that you can rarely find elsewhere. Thanks to the system, the table has improved its steadiness to effortlessly hold up to frequent games. 

Additionally, the main material of this model is high-grade wood with metal hidden legs for stability. Therefore, it can deliver the best performance for many years to come without wear or severe damages. 

Like any other Barrington products, this item has a wool felt and K818 bumpers, adding significantly to the smooth ball bounce and return. 

Be it as it may, this nominee still has its negative side related to the installation process. It has a relatively complicated construction that might require some assembling experience from you.

Things we like
  • A unique three-piece slate
  • Can take strong impact with a sturdy construction
  • The cloth made mainly from wool for the best ball movement
  • K-66 bumper guards
Things we don't like
  • Hard to assemble

Barrington Burwood Billiard Table ‎ BL090Y19022 – Best For Game Room

Suppose you are looking up and down for a pool table with good construction and high performance at an affordable price to complete your game room. In that case, you should give this Burwood unit a try. 

As a showpiece for a game room, durability is one of the most important factors to consider. This one has its drop pockets designed in the parlor style and the rail protected with a scratch-free coating. 

These features contribute significantly to the longevity of the table. Therefore, with a little bit of extra care, you can extend the product’s lifespan remarkably.

Another feature that makes it the perfect option for a game room is the accessories that come with the package. With an additional cue rack and a dartboard cabinet, you can have more entertaining options for your game room. 

Its functionality also speaks quality. The table features bumper guards with the K-818 specification, and a wool felt to provide the gamers with the smoothest and most stable ball movement.

However, some people have complained about the lifespan of the additional cue sticks. For that reason, you may want to purchase an extra set of cue sticks separately if the one that comes with the package is damaged.

Things we like
  • Parlor pockets and scratch-resistant rail for a longer lifespan
  • Many accessories included
  • Provide stable ball movement
  • Reasonable price for the value
Things we don't like
  • The cue sticks are not durable

Barrington Brooks Billiard Table BL060Y20013 – Best For Limited Space

The last nominee on our list today is the Brooks pool table. With the assembled dimension of only 60×33 inches, this is an ultimate choice for gamers with a limited entertaining room at home.

Since it is specifically designed to fit in a small space, it has a compact, minimal design that is friendly to even the most inexperienced players. 

Despite having modest measurements, its rail and the aprons have considerably sturdy construction. The high-quality 2.5-feet top rail and the 4.6-feet metal aprons are the secret weapons to increase the stability and durability of the table.

Also, you can see that this model has such a unique leg design at first glance. Instead of four separate claw legs, there are two X-form legs with a wire-mesh beam in between. These legs also have hidden metal levelers inside to support the playfield surface. 

Better still, the table felt has a velvet material and a set of genuine rubber bumpers to smoothen and stabilize the ball rolls.

However, some customers have raised concerns about the uneven levels of two legs. They make some slight movement even when there is nothing wrong with the assembly.

Things we like
  • Compact design to fit in limited space
  • A stable and durable table
  • A unique leg design for playfield surface support
  • Velvet felt for even ball rolls
Things we don't like
  • The legs might have uneven levels

Accessories With The Barrington Billiard Pool Table

Accessories With The Barrington Billiard Pool Table

After reading the details about the five products, you can see that the Barrington billiard table always comes with a full set of additional accessories. 

Many people don’t know what comes in one full package, and we’ve seen questions like that a million times. Since the list of add-ons is too long to discuss in the in-depth product reviews, we want to dedicate this section to this aspect. 

Typically, by ordering a Barrington pool table, you will also get all of the following:

  • A full set of billiard balls
  • A set of two 57-inch cue sticks
  • Two cubes of cue chalk
  • A plastic triangle ball rack
  • A brush to look after the felt

Assembly Barrington Billiard Pool Table 

Similar to most products, the Barrington pool table comes in a disassembled condition when you first get your hands on the product. 

There are the five main steps that you should follow to get the best result:

Step 1: Determining the position for the table in your room

Step 2: Unpack the packaging and organize the pieces and tools needed

Step 3: Assembling the table legs before moving on to the other parts

Step 4: Locating the table center and place the slates there

Step 5: Flipping the table and covering the table surface with the felt

To save time and effort when assembling the product, you need to have a general idea about the construction of a typical pool table and where to start. 

Normally, Barrington will offer you a detailed assembly guideline along with the product. By understanding how it works, you can follow the steps quickly without redoing something.

Also, remember to ask for help from one or two other people to flip the table once you’ve finished the installation. The measurement and the weight of a pool table can be overwhelming for one person. 


You have eventually reached the end of our top five Barrington pool table reviews. Each product that we chose to present to you in this list is the result of dedicated research and exclusive evaluations between multiple products that we’ve done. 

Suppose you are a newbie and still don’t know which one to try after finishing this article. In that case, we highly recommend you opt for the Barrington Professional Billiard Pool Table. 

This product has a compact, minimal design that makes it easier for new gamers to learn how to play. Also, with a high-quality set of features such as the birch veneer table and wool felt, it helps support and stabilize your ball movement.

Take care, and we hope to see you in our next review!

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