Are Cuetec Cues Good? – A Complete Answer

Cuetec cues appeared a long time ago, but these days people still ask the question: Are Cuetec cues good? Of course, the answer to this question is yes. 

Besides the original wood Cuetec cues, they also come with fiberglass or graphite coats. All of the products are high-quality since they first appeared on the market in 1989. They have many competition wins and support from the most professional players like Shane Van Boening. 

Thanks to these achievements, it became one of the most excellent cue creators all over the world. Cuetec is more and more famous for its imaginative items as the brand keeps on carrying innovation to the billiard business for many continuous years.

Cuetec Cues Introduction & Review

Cuetec started introducing its first cues in 1989. They entered the market with eight products, in which there are four cues made from fiberglass and the remainder made from graphite. 

Thanks to professional endorsements, strong marketing, and a commitment to producing top-notch pool cues, Cuetec developed, exploded, and became one of the best-selling businesses in the world. Therefore, this feature can be the suitable answer for the question, are Cuetec cues good?.

In particular, the brand came up with more than 50 products in lines by 2000, signed the contract with Shane Van Boening in 2009, and invented more modern cue lines. Nowadays, it  provides products of high quality for customers all around the world.

Cuetec presently offers a variety of cue lines to pick from. Each lineup also contains many different series so that the total of cues reaches over 60 products. Here are some product lines we want to introduce to you.

Recreational Lines

This cue line is ideal for beginning players who are looking for an excellent cue at a reasonable price. This lineup includes 1 or 2 pieces, such as break, break and jump, and Sneaky Pete cues.

A standard recreational cue comes with a luxury dark leather finish and one inch of polycarbonate ferrule. Cuetec’s unique coating technique is used to cover the shafts, which are constructed from hand-selected grade A-Plus maple in North American. 

The shafts are exceptionally resistant to dents, scratches, and dings as a result of this treatment. They are also less likely to warp as a result of it.

We have four series to pick from for the recreational cues, including one-piece, platinum, specialty, and warrior series.

The total cues for this line are more than 30 cues, so that you will undoubtedly find one that meets both your needs as a gamer and your financial constraints.

Professional Lines

These professional cues are moved forward from the recreational one and come with extra features and style options. Rather than a luxury brown leather tip, they are equipped with a Tiger Everest point.

This product line has the same construction as the recreational cues. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the Tru-Glide coating. This finish tackles the most common complaint about composite cues: stickiness due to perspiration or humidity.

The professional cues include many series such as Gen Tek, Natural, Graphite, Denali, Starlight, and Prestige. There are 22 cues in this lineup, each with its own distinct look and feel, as well as playability. 

If you played pool for a long time and want to step up your game, the professional cue is worth investigating. It offers outstanding playability with a few functions and enhancements above the recreational lineup without increasing the price.

R360 Lines

R360 series are designed for players who want to improve their game without exceeding the budget. They also come with fiberglass and graphite coating like the professional and recreational cues. 

The shaft is made with a composite center and afterward covered by high-quality North America maple, and afterward went down to playing specs. 

The composite center runs practically the whole length of the shaft, providing greater security and twisted opposition. This guarantees more noteworthy sign ball precision and control.

With R360 lines, there are two series for you to pick from Inlay and Edge. There are a total of 6 cues available, as well as the opportunity to purchase 8 different shafts individually if you already have a favorite butt.

If you want a high-quality, functionality cue with exceptional playability and performance, the R360 is a must-have item.

Cynergy Lines

The Cynergy lineup is a fiberglass cue that flaunts an ultra-high thickness polyurethane froth center. This patented foam core adds shaft stability and delivers a noise, feeling, and response that we are all familiar with from wooden tips. 

The foam core comes to a halt around the 5-inch tip, reducing end bulk. And as anyone who has worked with limited shafts knows, having less end weight is a positive factor.


Are Cuetec Cues Low Deflection?

Cuetec cues are low-deflection, especially Cynergy lines. In comparison to a conventional shaft, a low-deflection shaft has less end mass.

As a result, there is less deflection in cue ball deflection or splash, and the cue ball hits off-center to apply spin on the ball closer to the goal. For some players, low-deflection or low-squirt shafts offer benefits and drawbacks.

Where Are Cuetec Cues Made?

All Cuetec cues are made in China. In 1987, an engineer Jones Chang, who had previously coated tennis balls with a graphite coating, decided to test similar technology on pool tips and displayed several models at the Billiard Expo that year. 

Cuetec was founded as a result of the revolutionary technology underpinning the coating process and the cue design.

What Cue Does Shane Van Boening Use?

Shane Van Boening mostly uses Cynergy Cuetec cues. They are made from grade A+ kiln-dried Canada maple and feature a Cynergy 15K carbon fiber reinforced shaft to deliver the best performance.

A special Cuetec version – Shane Van Boening

What Kind Of Cue Stick Does Earl Strickland Use?

Earl Strickland uses the cue stick made from a durable maple wooden interior and a bonded fiberglass exterior such as R360 cues or professional cues. It comes with a clear coating that keeps the cue stick extremely smooth during the shots.


With more than 60 cues in the Cuetec range, you can choose the best product that can meet all your demands.We hope this article has thrown some information on some of Cuetec’s feature-rich products, as well as answered the question of, are Cuetec cues good?